A third of wells don’t make the grade.

Water authorities provided free water analyses, and the results raise concerns. The main issue? Nitrates. Many household wells have water that significantly exceeds safe limits.

In one of the largest initiatives this year, the Bratislava Water Company (BVS) analyzed a record 744 water samples from domestic wells. Alarmingly, 23.8% of these contained nitrate levels above the safe limit of 50 mg/l, rendering the water unfit for drinking.

The findings revealed that up to a third of the tested samples failed to meet standards due to high nitrate concentrations. Although the BVS has not linked specific GPS coordinates to the water samples, their PR team confirms that West Slovakia faces the most severe challenges. Additionally, regions in the south and east, which have significant agricultural activities, consistently show elevated nitrate levels.

Picture this: water flowing from your tap with nitrate levels as high as 200 – 500 mg/l, much like the people in the village of Čaňa are experiencing. Despite available public water infrastructure, only 7.5% of the residents are connected there.

Why Should This Concern You?

Well, water isn’t regularly monitored like municipal water. Contaminants like nitrates, invisible to the eye, can lead to chronic conditions or diseases after prolonged exposure.

Did you know that high nitrate levels in drinking water have been linked to an increased risk of colorectal cancer? A Danish study showed people exposed to the highest levels of nitrates had a 16% greater risk of developing the disease. And we’re talking concentrations well below 50 mg/L ceiling (The European Union and World Health Organization have guidelines that set the drinking water standard for nitrate at 50 mg/L).

What are we at MERATCH doing about it?

Let’s talk solutions. As we work to ensure clean water for all, it’s critical to regularly check your well and stay informed about water safety. At MERATCH, we’re responding proactively. We’re developing a sensor that provides real-time, continuous tracking of crucial water health indicators such as nitrates, nitrites, pH, turbidity, and temperature. This technology isn’t just about cost efficiency—it’s about empowering you with constant, real-time data to ensure your water is safe.

Learn more at www.smartwaterwells.com
Learn more at www.smartwaterwells.com

Our goal is to make this technology a routine part of daily life, shifting how we interact with one of our most critical resources—water.

Stay tuned for developments as we work toward bringing this technology from our labs into your homes, turning what was once a luxury into an everyday essential.