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Month: March 2024

Case Study: Advancing Simulated Flood Management in the Danube River with MERATCH

The practice of simulated flooding plays a crucial role in the sustainable management of the Danube River floodplain. These controlled water releases are essential for maintaining the ecological balance by replicating the natural flooding cycle. However, traditional methods of monitoring these floods present numerous challenges, from data collection inefficiencies to delays affecting decision-making. This case study explores how MERATCH's Water Level Sensors revolutionized simulated flood mana...

NEWS: GOSPACE LABS Protects Against Floods with Innovative Digital Infrastructure for the FLOPRES ProjectNEWS:

Gródek nad Dunajcem – February 27, 2024 – Slovak technology company GOSPACE LABS will be responsible for the digital infrastructure of the FLOPRES project, which focuses on flood prevention and ...

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