Many homeowners know the discomfort and imprecision of manual septic tank checks. This outdated method often leads to stress and inefficiency, as one has to rely on guesswork to determine when the tank might be nearing full capacity.

Implementation of MERATCH Technology

The installation of the MERATCH IoT Water Level Sensor revolutionized a homeowner’s septic tank management. The sensor provided accurate data on the water level, which was accessible through a user-friendly desktop application. This technological enhancement offered a real-time visual representation of the tank’s status, ensuring efficient maintenance and servicing schedules.

What do these graphs show?

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: The application’s dashboard showed a steady decrease in the septic tank’s capacity, signaling the appropriate time for cleaning services.

Effective Service Validation: After servicing, a clear depiction of the restored capacity was visible, confirming the effectiveness of the maintenance.

So how it works?

  1. The radar emits a signal and calculates the time it takes for the response.
  2. The sensor sends the information to a radio station (BTS or LoRaWan)
  3. Through the network, it reaches our cloud.
  4. From here, it travels to the user interface.

And the results?

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: With accurate information at one’s fingertips, a homeowner could optimize the use of the septic tank, ensuring servicing was only done when necessary.
  • Maximized Capacity Utilization: Utilizing the septic tank to its fullest potential was now possible without the risk of overflows or premature servicing.
  • Stress Reduction and Control: The guesswork and anxiety associated with manual checks were eliminated, providing peace of mind and control over the septic tank system.

“I used to dread manually checking my septic tank; it was messy and imprecise. Now, with MERATCH, I can just glance at my desktop app from the comfort of my living room and get all the data I need. It’s incredibly easy to use, and I trust the system completely to manage my septic tank effectively. No more guesswork or unnecessary checks outside, MERATCH has made it simple and stress-free.”

tibor Brauchner

The MERATCH IoT solution has proven to be an invaluable asset for residential septic tank management, combining cutting-edge technology with practical application, leading to improved environmental stewardship and homeowner well-being.